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Hobbies & Awards


Scuba Diving: I first got interested in diving since coming to the British Virgin Islands, after I had been on a snorkeling trip. My first scuba dive, a Resort Course, got me so excited I enrolled on the PADI open water certification the same day, in September 2006. Since then I have passed both my Advanced and Rescue Diver Certification and am now in the process of taking my PADI Dive Master course.

Clubs: During my life I have been associated with a number of organization involving charities and youth training and development. I started with the Cub scouts, then progressed to the Sea Cadet corps, where I found my love of sailing, canoeing and full bore target shooting, the latter of which I won several competitions in. Another group I spent time supporting was the Lions I and took part in many charity events with them to raise money for local groups. During my time in Switzerland I got involved in the design side of the Franz Webber Foundation, an environmental origination supported by Brigitte Bardot to try and help the world environment. Of late I have been using my skills to help out with the VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue team) website and events.

Hobbies & Awards:

PADI Scuba Diver: Rescue Diver
RYA Day Sailor: Intermediate
Prince of Wales Award: Bronze

Competitions Taken Part In:

Sailing, Full Bore Target Shooting, Paint Balling, Cross Country Running and Swimming.

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