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Work Timeline


2006 - Present


Multimedia Manager (Caribbean)
In aLookingGlass I am responsible for all the billing, outsourcing, design and hosting of the company's multimedia clients. Also I am involved with the design and concept of the companies magazine titles:; BVI Property Guide and BVI Yacht Guide, both full colour monthly titles. The company is also in the conception stage for a third magazine, the Caribbean-wide Properties Guide. Clients include Eden Technology Partners, The Royal British Virgin Island Police Force, BVI Music Festival, BVI Spring Regatta, BVI Festival, BVI Government (HR Department) and the BVI Teachers Union.

2004 - 2006

Taska Design GmbH.

Art Director (Switzerland)
In Taska Design I was responsible for all aspects of design, for both print and multimedia, from client contact, concept planning, pricing and production through to print or upload. Projects included: Foundation Franz Weber, Feoleimages, Grand Hotel Giessbach, Global Recovery Alliance AG, Roadhouse-Luzern AG, I Cantanti, GrandV Foods and Stone Island Savage (Darwin).


2000 - 2003

SEC Kommunikation und Gestaltung.

Internet Manager/designer (Switzerland)
In SEC I was solely responsible for all web-based design, including: design, programming, updates, proposals and concept ideas, budgets, hosting and problem solving. I also designed interfaces for CD-ROMs with the use of Macromedia's Flash and Director. Projects included Siemens Expo project: Hotel Palafitte, Guide Share Europe: In partnership with IBM, Packeasy and AIKU Wearable�s.

1998 - 2000

Nexus Creative Company.

Web designer (Switzerland)
NCC was my start in web design. At first my responsibilities were the design & concept of navigation interfaces, later moving on to the actual programming of index pages and blank navigation pages, culminating in the designing, programming & uploading ( via FTP) of full completed websites, including HTML, CSS1, CGI, PERL, JavaScript programming and Flash. Projects included all the Open Air-Kinos in Switzerland, Wascosa Eisenbahntransportmittel, Emmen Openair, Concepcion lens AG and Brauerei Eichhof, and the Schindler AG European Quality Award 1999.


1997 - 1998

Paragon Publishing.

Magazine designer (England)
At Paragon I was responsible for one monthly magazine: NetGamer. NetGamer was the first magazine set up for Internet & multi player gamers, featuring reviews, demos and matches. I was responsible for all design and output to film. As well as NetGamer I had other time commitments & freelance work on various other magazines at Paragon, such as: PC Games, Play, Nintendo 64, PC Windows, Mac Made Easy, to name a few. This job was very deadline- intensive and dependent on close team work.

1996 -1997

Kre-8-tiv Design.

Graphic designer (England)
I was employed by Kre-8-tiv design, part of Marine Electronic Services Ltd, as an in-house designer to design point of sale items such as catalogues, brochures and price lists, as well as forms and magazine advertisements etc. Kre-8-tiv Design was set up for the purpose of attracting freelance work to gain extra revenue for MES Ltd. Being the sole designer I took all briefs from conception to print and was required to work to budgets and deadlines. During my time there I learnt self-reliance and was then able to work both autonomously and as part of a large team including printers and manufactures.


1989 - 1991

Various Jobs.

Non-design (England)
During this time I had a variety of contract jobs whilst I considered where I wanted to go in my life. I had always been keen on and good at visual art. During this time I became very graphically aware, seeing design applied in the real world, its effect on the public and the different types of materials used in the construction. These jobs have also helped my communication skills, by bringing me into contact with all types of people. I decided then to obtain the formal qualifications in the necessary disciplines to start my career as a designer.

1986 - 1989

Royal Navy.

WEM(0) Weapons Engineering Mechanic
(Worldwide deployment)

Duties included the repair and support of on-board systems such as telephones, main broadcast, hydraulics and weapon systems; fire-fighting and breathing apparatus support. Also during my time in the Royal Navy I travelled to many different countries such as: Denmark, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Gibraltar and down the Ivory Coast of Africa. This was a most valuable experience, which gave me a great insight into some very different cultures. The Navy also taught me team work, resourcefulness, punctuality and how to work under all sorts of conditions and pressures.


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