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Me, Myself and Aye


In this section I�ll give you a little insight into what make me, ME. Since I can remember there where two things I always wanted to do and that was to draw and join the Royal Navy. So when school was over, I joined up, and this opened up the whole world to me, the people, the culture and the places. This sparked my other passion drawing, but to make a living, drawing is tough so I became a designer, This is a career that I love, with as great a passion as when I staredt back in 1995. Everyday brings with it new challenges and rewards, which so many other careers don�t. I have also had the chance to live and work in this profession in various countries, each with its own charm, challenges and needs. These countries are England, Germany, Switzerland and British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

Dominic Timmis (Graphic / web designer)

A photo montage of me

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