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This is my Downloads section.
Here you can download a version
of my CV, which has been designed
for print (and to be included with my CD-ROM).
Also available here is a Word or
Text version of the CV. The CV
has had all contact details deleted.
If you would like my contact information
please send me an email. I have also placed a choice
of various low-res portfolio PDF Zip files Opposite..

Print version CV 202k
Word version CV 37k
Text version CV 9k

Portfilio (Various) 1.26Mb   |   Zip File 1.21Mb
Portfilio (Branding) 940k   |   Zip File 921k
Portfilio (Print Work) 596k   |   Zip File 567k
Portfilio (Magazine Work) 610k   |   Zip File 596k
Portfilio (Web Work) 1.84Mb   |   Zip File 1.57Mb
Portfilio (Illustration & Packaging) 364k   |   Zip File 357k


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